The Slip and the Groove

Sometimes I slip and slide into the

grooves of well-worn static patterns

Canned speeches

slip from lips to sustain you…

 Smothering under the rote emotions

that slip and slide into me

I slip on the tune and beg you

to slide with me

but the melody hurts so you don’t

I try to hold you with arms

slipped into the sleeves of another time…

why do you slip me into that outdated dress…

I clutch and claw at you till we both

slip on the tick of time…

My slip…

Your trip

Together we could rip



from where we are

to where we were

and reality’s grip would loosen

and leave us in the

static groove…

The tear


wetting the groove

 letting us slip out of the static…

The best dance ever to be danced

slips in and out of silver shade

tripping the light so fantastic

free of the swirling ball

expecting  us to catch a swivel

and demand it for ourselves

dance it with each other

dance it for each other

because we like it

because it’s pretty

because we look dashing doing it

because it stirs us


NOW is the best groove



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