The Pull

She crossed four lanes

with folded cardboard

in her left hand

fanning herself against the

early evening Georgia heat

blonde wisps

following the

forced breeze

she comes to a stop on

the neutral ground…

flipping the cardboard open,

she held it for all to see.

Red light persistent,

I struggled in my seat

to read her words.

Green light beckoning,

I passed her

unable to

focus on her

scrawled message…

unable to look away

from her face

until I had no choice…

unable to look away

from her vacant eyes

until I had no choice

and I felt her pull…

such a power-ridden pull…

Two stoplights later

digging into my wallet

to see what I could

lay a finger on…

all the while my

spirit drowning out

Elephants and Flowers

shrieking go back…

you have to go back…

sliding on a U

with bills tight

in my fist

I made my way back to her,

the pull like the end

of a Yo-ball spin…

letting the horn sing

she noticed me

and ran to me

black flip flops

striking asphalt

as red gave way to green…

it was then that

I read her sign

and it revealed the pull.

I knew the vacancy

that drove her eyes

into a dead-end…

In her,

I saw me

I remembered me

she could be me

she wears my name

in the cadence

of a struggling chest

I bear hers in the iris

of a blackened eye

I know tonight

she only hopes

for a warm safe bed

away from her

zoetic horror

and I hope she finds one,

but after tonight,

I pray she finds life again…

the life that has been

subdued in her by

fists that pledged

to exalt her.

No, I pray she finds an

even better life

so she can write

a new sign

on her heart

that shines

through her eyes…

No Vacancy


6 responses to “The Pull

    • Thanks, Andy. Been a whirlwind of a few months and I miss writing. I’ve been focusing on learning and I hope I can find a way to put it all into words so I can share. How have you been?

      • Exploring some new things, not about writing. Things are better. My ex took a plea a couple days before I was scheduled to testify. I don’t think he got enough time but at least I didn’t have to testify. πŸ™‚

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