Wild Heart Scribe

Take me on a magic ride…

crush my unbreakables

in your Genie hand.

Don’t make me leave

this land of color


let me wander

till I come upon the gate to the city

where I shall sit from rise to set

and watch for beggars…

I will turn them all away.

There is room but for one.

I lean my back against the leg of your table

pillow my majesty beneath me

and watch the dreams escape

the white puffs above your head…

float me on the vapor

rock me in the mist…

Let me wander your land of color

till my eyes are overcome

till we meld into one

till this beggar has won.

Majestic in nature

beggar by design…

From the ruined ground

I will reach

I will touch

the tip of the castle.

On this magic wave

I will die…

And is it true I shall

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