Rabbit Hole

Drop me down a

rabbit hole

a hole pristine

till you shoved in your dirt

I lied beneath the earth

digging your grave with my teeth…

with my teeth I dug your grave

so it took a long time…

it’s ready now

black and airless

dead as you

it waits

it rumbles for you

to be spilled into it

I hear its hunger

gnaw against my ribs

I stoke the pangs…

wanting it to want you

I pull myself out

just to pour you in

piece by tainted piece

tumble you in…

Don’t worry

it won’t be quick

death will come leisurely

I promise you…

no, really

I promise…

Decadent horrors…

illusion or memory?…

will chase your mind

from one soggy

mud corner

to another

to another

you heard me…

I said Chase…

you’ll shred your skin

haggling to escape

but you won’t,

you know…

cause you’re home now…

Don’t worry

you’re not alone

the rattle of chains

around your




around your




play the soundtrack

to the life you lived

revel in the

music you wrote

swing and sway

to the joyous

sound of the

collective torment

you created

by the sweat of

your own tireless brow

cause you’re home now…

the rabbit hole is yours


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