The Drum of the Defiant

I’m coming for you…hear the beat of my drum? I have one nail and I will drive it in with the force of 10,000 women. I seek not revenge for any but justice for all. I’m coming for you…it won’t be long now. Yes, I promise…I’m coming.

Wild Heart Scribe

I beat the drum of the defiant
dance to the rhythm of defiance
I do what can’t be done
live the unexpected
embrace the inevitable
show it the way of
succumbing to my will
show it the way of
releasing to my pleasure
I can’t cower from the unknown
history makes that implausible
though sometimes I think
I’d like to do just that,
to be weak for an interlude …
to need…
but I don’t…
my hands jam against
stretched leather
of the defiant drum
I sing an ode of defiance
and I do it
Ahh…I am a glitch
a product of what was supposed
the summation of that which is not…
has never been…
can’t be, yet is
I make no sense within
the timing of your song
so I beat my own paced melody
against the drum of the defiant.

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