What Journey Awaits

He is here every day. But today…today, He is here. Sitting at my desk working, having just watched the first half of The Shift by Dr. Wayne Dyer, and suddenly He was here stroking my remembrances of our most momentous moments together until tears flooded my face and all I could do was proclaim over and over, You are amazing… God, You are amazing.


He is about to take me on a journey. This is not our first. Our journeys in the past have always been exhilarating and in my face, undeniably real, impenetrable by doubt. He is extending another journey to me. I accepted, saying, take me, show me, teach me. That is what I said aloud to Him. He heard it in my spirit before I ever spoke a word. He knew before I was born this day would come, today would come. This most important journey yet would come and that He would find me willing and…hungry.


I do not know where it will lead, but I never have before. It is not mine to know, but only mine to be open and allow. It is in the allowing that I will find the answers that He has for me, that He has held for me until this day when He knew I would say, Yes, Lord, let’s go. He has just the right amount of understanding waiting for me, willing me to grasp it and let it take hold of all of me. From journey to journey, I will go when He calls. Because He only calls me when the time is perfect…


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