365 Days

Today marks a year since I became Wild Heart Scribe and began to share my everything with all of you.   I think this is the perfect day to thank you all.  Please know that your appreciation of what I do here will never be taken for granted.  Every like and comment that I receive, all of the awards shared with me is truly cherished.  I have made some wonderful friends here, friends that I know I will always have.  I have been inspired by your work… poetry, art, truth.

Beginning a blog is something I never thought I would be able to do.  I thought I would run out of things to say and that I would have no one to say them to.  But I was wrong.  This has been a wonderful experience and you all made it so.

I was hoping I would get to 400 followers by today and I got close!  399!!  Woo Hoo!  The idea that I ever got past 100 still boggles my mind.

So, here’s to hoping I never run out of things to say and that I always have someone to say them to!

Much love,

Wild Heart Scribe


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