What I Don’t Want

And I will end my reblog rampage on this…

Wild Heart Scribe

Someday I want to be old,
but I don’t want to look old
and I don’t want to act old.
I don’t want to forget who they are
or who you are.
I don’t want to languish in a rest home…
I don’t want to rest.
I want to squeeze every
second out of life
until time submits to exhaustion
instead of defeat.
I want to live at home
to be a part of the future
and a link to the past,
ever present…
ever present.
I don’t want to be forgotten,
but more than that,
I don’t want to forget
and I don’t want pills
to help me remember.
I don’t want a spotless mind.
I want all my spots
even the foul, contorted ones
so I can reveal their beauty
in learned lessons shared
with my descendants.
I want to be useful
and productive…
I want to count…

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