Mark Your Spot

Indulge me friends, it’s a reblog kind of night because it’s been a tough day…

Wild Heart Scribe

Fleeting emotion…
Here today
gone the next
leaving a poem
to mark your spot
to say you were here
to say you made me feel you.
You never put honey in my hair,
never put the smell of bacon in the air,
you don’t fight fair.
You toss me a ticket
for a roller coaster loop
with no track
no brake
and I ride all day.
You crank my handle till my
Jill-in-the-Box head springs
far from my truth.
Unhinge my stride
spinning, spinning, spun
on the slant of a birthday candle big top…
wafting smoke from
little flames
swap my vision
for pliable musings.
But you are a fleeting one
and you know your time is short
so go ahead…
eat my today
but tomorrow
I will vomit you from my gut
like unsettled cotton candy…
the blue kind

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