And the Winner is … Doubt

I’m down for the count today, so a reblog is born…

Wild Heart Scribe

You trip my mind
before the bell,
staging scenarios to stagger
my sensibilities.
Keep my back on the ropes,
you know all my soft spots.
I am your plaything.
My body shifts with every
hit to my middle.
You dog…
I dodge.
You stick…
I stumble.
I swing too hard
thrashing the air to a pulp…
can’t land a punch.
You are swift and set.
You jeer and gibe.
I fade and fail.
My eyes tell it,
I am giving up.
My breaths are hyper
My body sodden in beaten sweat
My arms do a Spanish moss hang at my sides
All my fight is gone.
My body sways the sway of the subdued
Doubt, Doubt, Doubt…
they cheer for you.
Raised fists dance the chant…
they have my blood in their eyes.
I brace for your final shot
and you don’t disappoint.
I feel the smooth leather
crash against…

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