I Love Black

My favorite colors are pink and purple, but I love black. This last year has been the best year I have ever had as an adult. Me, the woman. Not the mom, daughter, sister, or friend. But me, just me. And even with all of the wonderful new additions to my life, for which I am most humbled and grateful, I still spend time under the shadow of an old storm cloud. I know the stormy life well and though it is no longer my reality, I do take trips there in my mind from time to time. It doesn’t hurt and I believe there is value in remembering. It gives birth to poetry that helps to drain the cloud of its strength. It keeps me grateful for my gift of new life. However, I think the value of the cloud is lessening with the rise of each new day and I probably don’t need it so much anymore. New things are peeking at me over the horizon calling me to come and play in the shadow of a rainbow. And I think I will go. My blog themes have always been black. I love its sleekness, its stealthiness. There is untold beauty in black. But I think I have been hitched to the dark for a long time, and it is time to splash some color onto myself. So if you see some changes in this blog, know that it is the afterglow of being called to play in the shadow of a rainbow.

Much Love,

Wild Heart Scribe


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