Smooth Tyranny

Wild Heart Scribe

Smooth tyranny
gone bumpy
Reckless anger
gone soft
Slip and slide
into another
until a new persona fits
Turn tables
upside down
Wreck walls
with naked fists
Steamroll the slaughtered
cause the struggle is cursed
Nothing new fits
It is what it is and
that’s all it’ll ever be,
but you don’t see
still no fit
So you beat backs with
brass knuckles
and watch the shine
turn to blood
Set a new line
with old bait
Pawn another memory
stolen and stolen
You don’t fit
so we slip and slide
into another
set the tables right
bury the walls
with open hands
bargain breath for the slaughtered
transfer the curse
buy back a better memory
slip and slide
from the rule
of smooth tyranny
We escape…
we fit

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