I Will Walk


I was feeling powerful when I wrote this yesterday, not so much today.  I will post it anyway and wait for the power to free my wild heart once again.



Where others have failed

I surely won’t.

I take the road

yet to be.

Not one worn by

the failed steps of those

who have gone before.

I may come after,

but whom do I follow?

Nary a soul –

I forge my own path


I dare anyone to follow.

No faded trails to hint the way…

No bridges built to span rivers unexpected…

No graffiti guide etched in bark.





through the

harsh, natural brush

finding bends and twists,

sudden drops and steep climbs

that make no sense…

And I will walk it to the end.

I slip over and under




limbs barring my path –

I slip over and under

with the honeyed smoothness

of a jungle cat

fearless and fixed on her prey…

fearless and fixed on my prize.




I walk.

Only mine own keen instinct

do I lean into.

I sense my target ahead…

the force of my prize in the distance.

Borrow my sight…

Blindfold me ten times…

Shield my steps from the moon glow…

Bury the sun beam in dirty clouds above…

What need have I of sight?

He calls to me

and I hear…

He calls to me

and I follow.

I’m coming,

I call

to no one…

but he hears

and he waits,

my dream,

he waits.

Every nick,

every scrape

has its place in my quest.

I find no comfort in ease,

only in victory…

the victory of the journey.



least likely…

most unexpected,

forge a road

where no one else

risked to go

to get to

where no one else

had the vision

to see.

It makes no sense

and so it does…

And I will walk it to its end.

I will walk.



6 responses to “I Will Walk

  1. Powerful and beautiful! You see, my dear friend, you have strength in your heart. The heart of a warrior! 🙂
    Maybe you can’t feel it right now, but it’s there.
    Sending you love and hugz!

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