Cadence of a Question

My heart song is the

cadence of a question

I inhale thoughts…

exhale questions

the succession is rapid

and I am powerless

in the crossfire

they pounce on my mind

vying for my attention

wrap my time in their

loose translations

force their confusion

into my day

then push their way

between my beleaguered lips…

would it surprise you

that I give voice to far less

than what charms my concentration?


yes of course it would…

They tap me on my shoulder

depriving me of rest

yank my pillow from beneath me

and fill me to misery…


because I know why they come

because I know from where they come

native to a sick need to know

a sick need of hoping to know

lies upon lies of yesterday

drive me to ask and ask today…


overwhelm my control

bully my strength

wrestle my judgment

to the ground




so this time I am

pouring my combat

into prose…

Is that better?

Ahh…another question…


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