With or Without You

I want so much for young girls, especially, and women as well, to grasp the idea that we should never settle for less than we want because it is better than what we once had or more than we think we have a right to expect. If we have to be alone or on our own to experience a rich life, then we can do that. We should stop leaning on the idea that another person will make us complete. It’s just not true. As a matter of fact, maybe this is not such a bad truth for men to remember as well. It is not as though being a man exempts one from the feelings in this poem. So be committed to yourself first and the rest will flow more productively. I really believe that…

Wild Heart Scribe

Don’t make me an afterthought
I aim to sit in the front
Don’t make me fade into nothing
I aim to be the brightest painting in the show
Don’t make me thirst in dry heat
I aim to be my own bountiful brook
Don’t make me smack my lips in hunger
I aim to wake up full every day
Don’t make me a question
I aim to be an exclamation
Don’t make me what I’m not
I aim to be who I am
when it doesn’t make sense
when it flies in the face of forced standards
when it hurts you but makes me cry
when you want me to be
something else
someone else
yes, mostly then
I am what I am
and I want what I want
Don’t try to make me want something else
I aim to win what I want
with or without you
because of…

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