One Size Fits YOU – A Reblog

A ritzy label
made one of its kind
built a store of glass
all around it
placed it on a rack
and attached a hefty price tag.
Many walked by
eyeing it wistfully,
ever outside.
One day, he walked in
and asked to try it on.
Gasps clouded glass walls.
No one asked before,
so they let him.
Firm guards with beefy folded arms
stood all about
as it draped itself over him.
He drew a crowd
and all agreed
it just made sense.
The ones who created it
watched from their
top floor monitors
knowing the one
for which it had been made
had come.
They sent word down
to let him leave.
When he considered the
store personnel with
question in his round eyes,
the auburn-haired manager
handed him a receipt:
because it’s priceless
because there is no other
because love is always a gift

Reposting this to commemorate a year of being understood, accepted, and loved for who I am – no frills, no airs – just plain me.

You have turned possibilities into realities – hope into harvest.

You feed my hungry heart and I hope I feed yours, too.

Besides, it just makes sense.

So, Zou Bisou Bisou from An Innocent Man to My Bridge Over Troubled Water because of The Beauty of Who You Are!


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