Misery’s Monologue

I hate you…

your sour tears

are the treble in my laughter.

Your self-imposed lonely nights…

they loose my eyes from the sockets in profane bliss.

But it’s when you deny your need for help…

Mmm…those are the times I relish

that’s when I know you are mine

and I squeeze a little tighter

and I take a little more.

You can’t vanquish me alone

so I make you crave aloneness…

I’m crafty that way.

My appetite is for your soul

and you lay out a buffet just for me…

Ahh…you taste so good to me,

can you feel me gorging myself on you?

I set out to chase everyone away

and I love it when you help me.

Truth-tellers…keep them away.

I stand between you and LIFE.

I’ll let you look…

I like it when you look,

but I’ll never let you touch…

kill me before I kill you!




9 responses to “Misery’s Monologue

    • Thanks, Tric. I found this one in a stack of papers when I was attempting to clean up. I don’t even recall when I wrote it and I normally date everything. Naturally, since I found the poem I had to post it and the cleaning was forgotten! 🙂

      • Oh its used regularly here. It’s not fu*k but a softer term used to moan or give out about something. You might make a mistake and you’d say “Ah feck it” or someone did something stupid, you’d say “You fecking eejit”.
        I did a post Thank you and feck you once about thanking some in our lives and saying the other to those who made a less positive contribution. After that post I realized a lot had never heard the word but were adopting it.
        Not the most literary of expressions I’ll grant you!

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