hAving shared space with you
maKes me dirty
spoils everything
i touch…
even now.
when will i
Be just me…
freed of your
freed of your filth?
will that time
ever come…
when i cAn look
at me
and not see you?
when can i touch
with my own fingeRtips
without your grubby fist
Closed around my wrist?
damn it, i keep thinking
this is it…
ah, surely this it…
okay, nOw this is the
end of your reign
but then your dirt
Jails me again
sO i wait
tO be pardoned
to be absolved
of having known yoU
i LoOk at mySelf and
seE you behind me
the steNch you left on me,
but i keep wrestling
for my life
for my peace
and i wOn’t stop
till you smother in your own Waste.


5 responses to “DIRTY

  1. Story of my life here. Every day is a battle, but I have to win so he doesn’t. Thankfully I feel in the last few years that I am not the dirty one and I even like me now! Super poem

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