Daddy’s Girl

Past the age of blushing girl…
but the day the world went
black and white
not past the grasp of memory.
How long have I shuffled
the colors that come
until they fall into the
absence that is black
or the encompassment of white?
Always looking past the expanse of possibility
between right or wrong…
Discounting the countless maybes
between yes or no…
Steering clear of the
too many paths to walk
between one way or the other…
But the colors are persistent
and I’d like to streak my world,
glide past the limit
into the what can’t be known
and encounter what lies
in the rainbow middle.
A nod from you
sets my pinwheel to spin.
I can nearly see the colors
as I blow past the silver wind.
The color of your impact
bears no name—
but the truth that it survives
well past the close of youth
and survives so strongly
bears witness
that I am forever a Daddy’s Girl.


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