Nowhere and Everywhere

Your bark is only as loud as my fear
Your bite leaves no marks
so I dig my nails into my own skin
and show the half-moon craters to you
till you puff with pride…
You die a thousand deaths
by my slender hand
and I piss life back into you
in time to each funeral dirge…
You have no power apart from me
and I sometimes think my power
is far too great…
You suckle at the tip of my femininity
until I push you away
pull you closer
push you away…
You crave all that I am to be
and I leak a little more
of who I am
into your gaping, diseased mouth
every day that I look away
from the prize that is
the true essence of me
and instead settle upon
the trickery that is
the true essence of you…
You dutifully whimper under my feet
yet howl brazenly above my head…
You are nowhere
I don’t allow you to be
and everywhere
I wish you weren’t…
You suck
and suck
and suck
till I am dry
by my own
twisted invitation,
but this push will be the last…
far away you will go,
no more pull toward my sustenance…
I piss you straight away
into the sewer from which
I once freed you…
For the rest of your days,
you will starve for me…
and I will be free.


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