Be My Playground

May I have your open sky
for my playground
if I promise to play nice?

If I promise to be gentle
can I hop along
your dimmed twinkles
setting them alight
when the blackness rolls in –
and surely it will

If I promise to always pick you first
can I doodle pictures in
white puff dreams?
I’ll show you mine
if you show me yours

If I promise to hold my tongue
may I sit with you
in daytime blue
when there is no game to play,
when you think all there is,
is drudgery and routine?
Will you let me show you
why you’re wrong?

If I promise to wait for you
at the base of the moon
will you climb out of gray
and reach for me?
Cause if you do
I’ll chalk your name in iridescence
for untold generations to wonder
and you can be my playground


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