It’s Official…I’m Free

Yesterday was the best day of my new life. My divorce was finalized. My name was restored to me and given to my children as well. Those of you who have read at least a handful of my poems know enough about my life to understand that this was the moment I had prayed for, waited for, and fought for. So, I drove home after court and what was the first thing I did after being greeted in the driveway by high-fives and whoops and hollers from my children? I grabbed a tube of lipstick and wrote “Just Got Divorced” on the rear window of my van. It took another 2 tubes to get the side windows done and it was worth it! All day, I got horn blows, waves, smiles, laughs, congratulations, thumbs up, and even had a few people take pictures of my van as I drove by. All in all, it was an awesome day that I can’t imagine I will ever forget no matter how old I live to be. It was a long time coming and had a bigger impact on me than I had even anticipated. I mean, I knew it would be good, but I didn’t know it would feel that good. I still haven’t stopped smiling! From my Wild Heart to yours! Love you all much!


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