Game Over!

Monopolize the board
life is just a game, right?
To hear you tell it
you’re the Baron of Boardwalk…
I’m the beggar on Baltic Ave.
Whores on all 4 corners,
rolling doubles…
yeah, you get around.
Circling the board
chasing Chance cards
never bothering to
flip the Treasure Chest
in your hand.
Your mind is on the game.
It’s all a game,
expecting Luxury
with no Tax.
Never wanting to be the banker,
more fun to dip your hand
where it doesn’t belong.
It’s part of your game…
your rules, right?
Take a walk to the yellow side of town
printing counterfeit
Get Out of Jail cards.
always been a fake.
Back to Start
nothing to collect
Game Over!


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