All I really want is to

leave a fingerprint

on your heart,

so when I’m gone

you’ll still feel my touch.


18 responses to “Heartprint

  1. yes indeed you will leave a finger print om every body’s heart

    and on my heart you already have


  2. I love this. It reminds me of a song “when i grow too old to dream”. There is a verse in it which says, “kiss me my darling, and so we must part, when i grow too old to dream, that kiss will live in my heart.”. They are lyrics I often sing.
    Your poem using a finger and touch is just as beautiful. I will remember them also. I might even rob them next valentines day, but credit you of course.

  3. Makes me think that one survives through writings such as this. No matter where life may lead you there is always something around that will keep one alive.

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