In You I Am

The safest place I’ve ever been
The truest place I’ve ever known
Only in you
can I
lose myself
find myself
at once
You keep me sane
make it okay for me to be crazy
You let me spill
You let me soak
You help me grieve
You help me groove
You let me wail
You let me whimper
You give me expression
You give me empathy
You let me stagger
and then
You make me smile
You let me be me…
You make me be me…


20 responses to “In You I Am

  1. Another great one! Makes me remember, and not want to forget, this feeling you are describing. I think I spent much of my life trying to forget these feelings. As always you bring out a memory for me, your words are from my life. 🙂

      • That is a great thought, we surely are not. I think sometimes that people (me) get so wrapped up in their own experience that they can’t imagine that something similar might be happening to someone else. My question for today is this: If you could experience true love for only a short time, and then the rest of your life would be without love. Would it be worth it? I ask you because I think you have an answer.

      • Wow…I actually do have an answer, immediately. 🙂 Yes, for me it would be worth it without question, without hesitation. I would prefer to be able to reflect on the memory of it, the magic of it than to spend my life hoping for it, looking for it. Even in the loss of it, I believe that the gift of having had it would be worth it. I really am a dreamer, aren’t I? Experiencing true love but for a moment absolutely wins over shallow, meaningless “love” for a lifetime. At least for me it does…

      • I knew you would have an answer. It is my question in a few days, I am in the same ballpark as you. I wondered if I was crazy or just idealistic. To have known love deep and complete only for a season is better than never allowing yourself to feel at all. Thanks for the thoughts Daphne. I am grateful for them, and I will be using some of your wording I think. It is that magic that you feel that is worth it.

      • I can’t wait to read your final take on it! I don’t think it is crazy. Or on second thought, maybe it is. And maybe that’s what makes it the right answer. To just feel what you feel regardless of what “makes sense.” To experience true love, well what else is there that really drives a person? When you boil things down to the basics, love or some aspect of it drives most of what we do. (Generally speaking, of course.) Experience is gain always. So to love and lose is still gain.

      • That will be tomorrow or Wednesday, I can’t remember which. I am sure that Crazy is the right word. I am not sure that I can think of any other thing that bottom line drives people to be passionate. These are great points you make. I knew you were the right person to ask. Now I can’t wait to write this. It will be fun.

  2. Pingback: In You I Am | Ta hendene til din kjære – se på dem og hold dem hardt Disse hendene skal du følge, leie og lede. Du skal få føle på varmen fra dem og kjenne en inderlig glede. De skal stryke deg og de skal holde rundt deg – de er ikke skapt for

    • When I saw you liked it, I had to go back to read it because (and this is embarrassing but true) I had forgotten what it was about. I was thinking I had written about someone in particular, too, until I got to the end. I tend to do that. Write something and then forget it. Words give me the gift of expressing myself and then surprising myself with what I have expressed! 🙂 Did I really just admit that??

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