Dream’s Demand

Dream's Demand

I want you to love me
just the way I love you,
but you can’t…
you’re not me.


20 responses to “Dream’s Demand

  1. Look in the mirror, read your posts as us outsiders do and then be proud and learn to love yourself. You deserve the best, stop looking anywhere else!

    • Thank you, Tric! I promise I really do love myself! 🙂 This poem was really just an epiphany I had this morning that expecting someone to love me exactly as I love them is impossible because every one is different. Our different experiences shape what we do, including how we love. Perhaps, especially how we love. Expecting someone to do things the way I do is unfair to that person and even to me. It causes undue pressure on them and burdens me with unrealistic expectations. You are so kind to take the time to comment. I appreciate it so very much!

      • Phew! Love is over rated! Those of us lucky enough to have met and stayed with someone will tell you at times it is very hard work, but I still wish it for you! The great thing is any day it could happen! I met my partner when I was only 19. He is everything I would not go for. His job, his ways, his character. Yet I couldn’t let him go. I have no idea what actually brought us together in terms of connection.

      • That’s funny. I spent 21 years with the absolute wrong man. I met a wonderful man 6 months ago and things are going well, but I have anxiety after the hellish “marriage” I had. I’m the type that can do whatever she has to do on her own and have all my life, but also the kind who really wants a partner to share life with. I have been lonely all my life, never more true than during my “marriage.” I cannot let go of the idea of love, even when I try…like this morning. 🙂

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