Free My Mind

I want to be free…
free from what was
free from what is
free from what soon
and far away will be.
I want to trip over nothing
Rest my back against everything…
I just want to be free



…So, I’ve decided to “learn” how to meditate. Quieting this mind won’t be easy! :)


12 responses to “Free My Mind

  1. Lovely little poem! Meditation, huh? I hope it will work! 🙂 (tried it, but discovered my mind just started to wander of to the next subject, and the next, and the next…)
    O, well, I will just keep daydreaming then! 😉

  2. YOu can do it. I could not meditate 4 years ago. Now I can sit for a couple of hours if I want to quietly and looking at my Anom Cara buddy. I would love to discuss this with you. You have my email address.
    Oh yeah, for your friend with depression, Go look at my post “The Root of ‘It””
    Thanks for being so wonder full. Also look up the post on Anom Cara.

  3. I think it won’t be easy in the beginning, but I’m sure you’ll be able to do it. 🙂 it always sounded fascinating to me that people can quiet their minds. Love the poem!

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