Toy Box – A Repost

Hide me in the toy box.
Pull me out when you want to play.
I wait
and wonder
and weigh
if I’ll ever get a turn
to delight you again.
When I was fresh,
you took me everywhere,
didn’t want me out of your reach.
Now I sit
and sulk
in stagnant air
that stifles and sustains me.
Ooh… the lid bangs open
and I think
let it be me…
but you choose her instead.
I guess I would choose someone else, too.
I’m a little worse for wear.
I don’t flaunt that new smell anymore
and my curls have lost their sheen and bounce.
So, I guess I would choose someone else, too.
But I was gifted to you
and so I wait.
I fall closer to the bottom.
My hope lies beneath my tattered dress.
My left shoe beneath my hope.
Ahh… I wait for the lid to open.
Until then, I make my
home in a toy box
waiting for you to reach in
and make me come alive again.


8 responses to “Toy Box – A Repost

    • Rana, I loved it. What a sweet ode to your childhood memories. So funny, that in mine the toy represented the feeling of being rejected or better yet forgotten and longing for the time to be remembered and loved once again. I really enjoyed yours and plan to visit again! 🙂

  1. Ah..Don’t I know this feeling only too well, Again and again. You just wrote a story about my recent experiences right to the dot! :O

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