Protect Me

Be my greenhouse…
I need protecting
from a volatile world
of winds that would weigh my petals
of rains that would rock my stalk…
hamper the harsh heat for me
carry the cutting cold away from me.
Control my climate
just because I ask.
My delicate fragility
often bows to my
daring force
but some days it won’t.
In your greenhouse
I can answer my call
and flourish
by the weather
of this day
or that one…
in you
I am safe
from that which
threatens to poach
my essence
my innocence
my magnificence….
So, won’t you be my greenhouse?
I need protecting…


11 responses to “Protect Me

  1. What a beautiful poem, I love it! I feel how you truly long for someone you can always count on to save and protect you. I long for the same thing. 🙂

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