Angel Eyes – A Repost

You look at me with
Angel eyes
through the window of a
70’s station wagon
filled with flowers.
I am wracked with sobs
in the middle of a
6-lane highway,
in my Catholic school uniform,
walking home.
He’s going to meet me
before I get there.
He’s going to follow me or
force me to walk with him.
He’s going to make me let him in or
force his way in.
He’s going to pour his hatred all over me or
force it into me.
So you meet me on the street
to offer me a ride.
And I get in.
You drive me all the way home
Never ask why I cry
And I never stop
Never ask where I live
And I never tell.
Into my driveway you come to a stop.
As I walk on the sidewalk to take the
walkway that leads to my front door,
I hear the shift of the engine from
Drive to Reverse.
I look over my shoulder for a last look as
realization slowly tilts my mind
but you are not there.
You came for me because you knew.
HE sent you because I needed saving.
I hurry inside.


2 responses to “Angel Eyes – A Repost

  1. It’s almost 2 AM and I discovered I already have to gt up at 5, so I thought I’ll read just one more poem… And I don’t regret it. 😉 What a truly wonderful piece!

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