The haughtier the words
the deeper you dug…
till slick mud gave way to
solid core,
you dug.
Your Everest-rivaled pride
fanned a bloodshot carpet
your erected peak
of entitlement
to your cataclysmic
finale fall…
and you’ve fallen
to the only place
you make sense
into the grave you dug
by your own scratching
talons of vanity.
How lofty you must
be now as
my hope skips
on billows of smoke
passing by your
single window view.
It is Justice that
tumbles swooped waves
of dirt to
entomb you,
each clod
carries a name…
save mine for last.
Good night,
determined gravedigger…
undying grave dweller…


5 responses to “Gravedigger

  1. Wow! >.<

    This is your masterpiece! I can't even begin to explain how much I love this one, You amaze me every day!

    -This is my favorite poem so far- It is so beautifully dark yet simply truthful!

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