The Trench That Darkness Builds

Is it time for you to
not see me with opened eyes?
Has the time come for you
to hollow out your circle trench
and stand on panting ground
in the middle?
Is it time for me to plunge
across the waters of partition
that march in?
My cool water cries
splash sizzles on your face…
not enough to bring you back
you’re too far
so I swim away
pull myself up and over
the dirt edge
built by darkness.
It’s hard for me to sit
on the sunny bank
calling out to you that
I’m still here…
what must it be like for you?
Yes, harder…
I know…
harder to suffer the middle
where darkness swells
and light shrinks
where your domain of dirt
so I lie back in the grass
wait to dry
wait for your trench to fill
wait for you to walk back to me…
I’ll keep the light on for you.


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