Damn You

Damn you,
you beastly nightmare…

if you had form
and I were nature’s lion
I would peel away your skin
with pristine claws…
I would tear apart your flesh
with brazen teeth…
and spit unchewed chunks
of you across the jungle grasses

if you were a tree
and I could summon
charmed powers of might
I would pull you straight
out of the ground
roots hanging, pleading
crack your trunk
like a desiccated twig
roots squealing, seizing
like dying Medusa snakes

if I could stuff
the ghost of you
into a shell
and I were a potent python
I would squeeze away
all your life
until your eyes come unhinged
then swallow you whole
and do it again

If you were real
and I was not
I would punk you
like you punk me
I would slip
into your bed
on a restful night
and merrily dump
moving pictures and
talking scripts
in your head
that would instigate
your heart to attack you
your blood to escape you
your mind to turn on you

But I am me
and you are just a dream
so they say
but you and I know
you’re more than that
anger has now eaten my fear
tonight I will sleep again…
and I will wait for you


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