Lost Time in Stanzas

I wore a hot pink halter top
long natural curls grazed past
my sun-licked shoulders
It was the summer of 1990
You called me pretty
And you never said it again

I sat straight up in bed from
a deep sleep
knowing I was with child
It was Halloween of 1997
You called me stupid
And you said it again and again

I fell into the garden tub
when you pushed me in
blackened eyes looking up at you
It was 9 days past April Fool’s in 2007
You called me a whore
And you said it with delight

I was in a panic
2 weeks old and she stopped breathing
Trying to scream life into her
It was 2 weeks past Easter Sunday of 2008
You called 911
And told me to call you later

I sat at my desk working
fingers smacking keys again
beaming at my breakout back to me
It was early fall of 2012
You called me from jail
And I didn’t answer…


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