Wild Heartfelt Appreciation

I began this blog almost 2 months ago, February 10, 2013, not knowing what to expect, not knowing if I would have enough to say, and not knowing if anyone would take the time to even skim a line of mine.

After 100+ posts, I have been blessed with 145 followers, less than 2000 hits, but more than 1000 likes. Thank you to those who read me because that’s what you’re really doing – you’re reading the most concentrated expression of me. Thank you to those who hit like for me, both bloggers and FB friends. Many thanks to those who enhance my day with a comment. (I love, love, love comments!)

My humble stats are impressive to me because they are proof that I have affected someone with my words, which is all I have wanted since I was 10 years old. Writers want readers. Whether it’s a modest few or a host of many, I just long to be read.

The blogging community is incredible – I am so pleased to be a part of this world of shared philosophies and welcome exchange by way of words and visual art.

So, thank you to the bloggers I follow – those that challenge me, those that teach me, those that entertain me, and those that make me feel beyond my own words by sending ripples through my mind and spirit with their own.

Writing splashes my heart on paper… so, from my wild heart to yours, thank you!


4 responses to “Wild Heartfelt Appreciation

  1. You took the words right out of my mouth…Oh, how I love my supportive wordpress world! Keep splashing your beautiful heart across the page, and we’ll keep reading!! xo

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