71 Minutes Ago

Have you seen me?
Cause I can’t find me
A week ago I talked myself
off the skyscraping ledge of doubt
where I was tempted to drop headlong
into the seductive plot of delusion
2 days ago I charmed an uneasy me
off the crossed bridge of
yeah, I know I’ve been here
before but I just can’t stay away
A day and a half ago
I saw myself plowing down a
narrow backstreet of fury in the dark
with no seatbelt
no horn
no brakes
I ran over everyone and
did a U-turn 18 hours later
71 minutes ago I watched me
sprint toward the shore of
fudgy sand until I hit a brick wall of
fluid guilt and floated away
on a seashell turquoise wave
of I’ll never be good enough
I’ve been missing ever since…
so, I was wondering have you seen me?
Cause I don’t remember what I
look like anymore
I look different every time I see me.


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