Chocolate Delight / Sugar Cinquain

Those of you who have read my other cinquains know about my sinful urges for Fast Breaks. But, I have found a new love. The other day, a friend of my son’s brought by a big basket of bite-sized peanut butter Snickers for my daughter (a peace-offering for missing her birthday). Really, they are more like 2 or 3 bites worth, but I digress. I won’t go so far as to say they have replaced my sick obsession with Reese’s Fast Breaks, but my desk was littered in yellow wrappers for days. (I know they were for my daughter but too much chocolate is not good for her. 🙂 ) So, here’s another chocolate-inspired cinquain to express my love for an entirely different chocolate delight. :)

Sugar Cinquain

until you
rode my way
dazzled me with sugar,
shot me out my saddle.

Now, I have to run to the store…


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