Ready, Set, Wait?

Say you’re ready,
I am.
Can I be ready enough
for both of us?
Are you sure?
Who made that rule?

C’mon, I’ll lead just a little while
and you can follow,
just until you catch up,
then you can take the lead.
I promise to follow when you do.
You want me to wait?
Are you sure?
Did you make up that rule?

Okay, I’ll wait in the boat
while you tread water,
just a little while,
but if you don’t pick up
an oar pretty soon
and get to paddling
I’ll have to swim on…
How do you like that rule?

There you go, honey,
I knew you could do it
Doesn’t matter if you
paddle in circles
you’ll get the hang of it
and I’ll still follow
Cause I’m sure
I just broke all the rules.


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