Liebster Award: Yes, I’m Late

Liebster award 1
I received this thoughtful nomination from LeFlore on February 28. I had no idea how to copy the picture of the award or how to choose my own nominees and include them in my post. Well, after receiving Shammee’s nomination a few days ago, I figured it all out. I don’t suppose it’s too late to accept LeFlore’s nomination correctly. There are certainly other deserving nominees out there and I want my award! 🙂 Thanks, again, LeFlore! Pay him a visit!

The directions are a little different than the other Liebster award. And here they are…

* Share eleven random facts about yourself
* Choose eleven people for a nomination
* Answer the eleven questions I pose

My 11 Random Facts

1. My grandmother, Grace, was my first best friend.
2. I am obsessed with The Following.
3. I love the smart dialogue in black and white movies, especially if Bette Davis is in it.
4. I listen to Prince every day. (Every day!)
5. Growing up, my main nickname was Queenie and then my mom forgot and gave my nickname to someone else!
6. I love white powdered donuts dipped in hot chocolate.
7. I love McDonald’s french fries dipped in Vanilla Milkshakes.
8. I feel so deeply that sometimes it gets in the way of life.
9. I grew up in a law enforcement family.
10. I lost everything that doesn’t matter in Hurricane Katrina.
11. I don’t speak Spanish, but I sing my daughter a lullaby in Spanish every night.

My answers to LeFlore’s questions…


1) What inspires you to write
Life, I guess. I have written since I was 10. It got me through my grandmother’s death.

2) Who is your favorite writer
I have more than a few, but to narrow it to two…Daphne du Marier and Kate Chopin

3) What led you to blogging
I was intimidated by blogging, but when I put my book on their site suggested blogging so I went for it.

4) Whats the meaning behind your blogger name
That I write about my wild heart. 🙂

5)whats your preferred method to write ( I.E. same desk, computer, paper and pen) I use paper and pen first and often write while I am driving. (I know, probably not the best place.) Also, I keep a notebook and pen in my bed because my thoughts wake me up in the middle of the night.

6) how do you stumble upon your topics
I don’t. I lived every one of them.

7) whats your favorite food
Seafood and sushi! Oh and beignets!!!

8) What do you wish people knew about you, but dont seem to get
That I am intelligent.

9) whats your favorite Quote
The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them. (Maya Angelou- hope I got that exactly right)

10) whats the most important thing to you
Sounds trite, but it would be love. Spent my whole life looking for it. Want to spend the rest of my life enjoying it.

11) what is your lucky item and why (socks, jerseys, pen, book etc…)
Wow…I don’t have a lucky item. Hmm…can’t think of a single thing. I don’t believe in luck!

I enjoy blogs that are thought-provoking, brutally honest, and delightfully uplifting. If I chose you, then it’s because you fit one of those categories in my humble estimation. There was no mention in LeFlore’s instructions that said I had to choose blogs with a certain number of followers, so I didn’t. I just chose some of those whom I love! If that is wrong, sorry and congratulations anyway!

My 11 Deserving Nominees:

Finally, here are the 11 questions my nominees have to answer:

1. What is the most surprising thing about you?
2. What is your favorite movie of all time and why?
3. What is your most defining experience to date?
4. If money were no object, how would you most like to spend a Saturday night?
5. What is the most difficult challenge you have had to overcome?
6. What is your secret obsession?
7. If you were going cross country by train, what book (s) would you take?
8. What is your favorite thing to eat when no one is looking?
9. If you could choose another language to speak, what would it be?
10. If you had to describe yourself in 5 words, which 5 would you choose?
11. What is the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?


13 responses to “Liebster Award: Yes, I’m Late

  1. Yaaay! Daphne you got nominated! Congrats! 🙂 I can’t accept the award because it is only for blogs with less than 200 followers 🙂 But I’m so gratified that you nominated me. So I will answer your questions in a separate post! By the way, I loved the way you put #10 of the 11 random facts. You are one strong woman!

  2. LOL. You’re favorite quote and mine are the same. I really believe that too (once had a guy tell me he was an asshole & it was true – lol). Congratulations on your award, your site totally deserves it!! Cheers!

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