Mountains on the Moon-Meet the Cast

I see my books as motion pictures.
I refer to my characters as the cast.
My books are not divided into chapters but into episodes.

So, meet the cast of players in their own words, so to speak. 🙂

Nichole’s Niche

Never knowing who you were
Left me adrift
And you never knew
I tried to cling to your slippery side
Desperately, I did
And you never let me
I am a foreigner in the world you created
So I sought to create my own
And you never knew
Clinging to myself
I am whole
And you couldn’t stop me.

Todd’s Lightbulb

Waves are unpredictable
Mightier than you might think until you are swept inside
They crash against you
And pound on top of you
In the distance you look like a waterlogged feather
Your swift flimsiness no match against the sheer weight of the swell that trounces you
Unmoved by what could happen to you
Damn, was I your wave?

Sammy’s Solo

Be still
And in the quiet
Hear the lyrics within
The beat of my heart
A solo
Always solo
Forever solo, why
Verses, rhythm, chords, rhythm
The mindless rhythm of my life source
Is an endless drone of the longest
Blues song known—
That’s why I love Jazz.

Camille’s Playground

The butt-jerking ups and the butt-ramming downs of the teeter totter
The slow-climbing highs and rapid lows of the roller coaster
The redundant back and forth, back and forth sway of the swing
The dizzying circular motion of the carousel
The jump-pause, jump-pause of rope jumping
The do-it once and then do-it-all-over again of hopscotch
The steady bounce-swipe, bounce-swipe in jacks
The struggle to splinter the blockade in Red Rover, Red Rover
Constant movement
No gain noticeable
Life is a nasty playground.

Victoria’s Closet

You make me live
in the closet of your mind
You never asked if I like the light
You make me wish I were someone else
You never asked if I like who I am
You make me live in
the brilliance of your shadow
You never asked if I like the dark
You made me who I am today
But you never asked who I’d like to be.

Dance for Donovan

You were always just out of focus
Dancing a salsa around the viewfinder
Image imprecise, vague
Edges unclear against the drama of the day
Any day
Pick a day
Then the door popped open
You lay exposed to the gravity of my blinding sin
So you closed the shutter.

Amanda’s Amore

It’s the love catapulting you first in one direction
and then in another.
The emotion surging through every part of you
like a livewire in the rain.
The randomness of it all.
Who chooses whom, does anyone out there know?
And when the choices you make are ones you fall into…
Blindly, stupidly, ignorantly—
With what do you dig yourself out?

The first episode will follow in a couple of weeks. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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