Mountains on the Moon – An Online Series?

I am 95% sure that I will be releasing my first try at a novel as a weekly online series. Written in 2002, the story is also set in that year. It only took me about a decade to decide to finally do something with it. The synopsis is below and I welcome any comments, feedback, and definitely advice. The logistics of doing this confuses me, to be honest. So if anyone has any ideas as to whether it is better to start a separate blog or run it from my current blog, please don’t hesitate to share your opinion. 🙂 And, now the synopsis…

Mountains on the Moon is the story of four young women whose lives become enmeshed in a black web of lurid lies, sordid secrets, extreme exploitations, and bitter betrayals.

Amanda travels to New Orleans with vengeance as her only motive, the result of a lackluster finish to a heady romance. She meets Sammy quickly and imagines her mission will be achieved with relative ease. But her impulsive move to the Crescent City does not follow her script and the surprise ending nearly blows her away.

Victoria is a New Orleanian – born, raised, and still living in her parents’ mansion on St. Charles Avenue. She has wealth, beauty, and a life purposely void of any real promise. She has locked herself up in the closet of her mind and welcomes the confinement – it keeps her from having to confront the woman she has become.

Agreeing to a scheme that Camille believes will lead her to the recognition and money she so desperately needs; she escapes her nightmarish existence in Indiana and arrives in New Orleans where all is fresh and untainted. Here, in her mother’s hometown, she attempts to live beyond the memory of her mother’s death and beyond the limitations that life has forced upon her.

Nichole is in the midst of divorcing a husband who sees the vow of forsaking all others as debatable. In an uncharacteristic moment of abandon, she engages in a one-night stand that has consequences that extend well outside the norm. Unable to continue to keep her secret from her dysfunctional family, she ends up in New Orleans to show them rather than tell them.


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