I Choose Me

I resist the thought that what
I am is all I’ll ever be.
I resist the thought that the stake you
had in me claimed and killed my future.
I resist the bread of lies you force-fed me
and spew the crusts back at you.
I resist the bubble gum label you expect
me to chew until the flavor fades and I am
as stiff and bland as you want me to be.
I resist the temptation, and it is strong,
to surrender my lifeblood so you can
take another drink.
And then, just like that,
the tree bends down
to pay homage to the earth
as the tide rolls over and christens…
and I find myself no longer resisting you
but persisting in me.
So, roll on,
thunder ball,
clap somewhere else.
The direction of the rain has changed.


7 responses to “I Choose Me

  1. The first two lines are going to stay with me for a long time to come. This poem has a lingering quality. Beautiful work Daphne!

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