Wild Heart

Ah, I hear the rush of water,
soon I will feel its spray.
It’s rolling, rushing, rolling.
You hear it.
I know you do.
Soon your name won’t slip from my lips,
your sins won’t knock against my wild heart,
your grey ghost won’t circle about my head
and whisper lies into my ear while I sleep.
You will be someone
I knew too well
and not at all.
Not forgotten,
Not remembered.
Simply not… and


10 responses to “Wild Heart

  1. Everybody can write poetry. But to write like you, is a rare gift! I enjoy every single one of your works. This one, yet another fantastic piece.
    “You will be someone
    I knew too well
    and not at all.”
    These are words I could use to describe someone I knew too. Your poetry is something I can connect to, yet so elusive. Lovely!

    • I read this just as I was going to bed and had to wait to respond until now. I can’t tell you how much your comment affects me. Even now, I don’t know how to respond because it is too kind and I feel like you must be talking to someone else. Thank you so much! Beyond that, I am wordless! 🙂

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