Are You Sure?

Life has made me a warrior.
Are you sure you want to battle me?
My arsenal is a secret.
My strength is not my own,
so extreme.
My stamina…
Well, you don’t want to go there.

I am a warrior
and I’m coming out
with all barrels blazing.
I’ve set my sights on you…
Are you sure you want to battle me?

I can’t lose,
I don’t fight alone.
You’re my Goliath…
Call me David.
I’m going to crush you
with one blow.
You are a fool to battle me
but I’ll take the win…
It’s been a long time coming.


23 responses to “Are You Sure?

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  2. After knowing the story behind this, I read the poem again. You are someone nobody should mess with-powerful and strong! Love it when it translates into fantastic poetry!

  3. When I reached 200 day’s being clean and sober 16 day’s ago, this is exactly how I felt about the most evil opponent I have ever faced…addiction.

    If only I was able to explain it that day like you did here.

    Such beauty and enthusiasm mixed with a little determination and courage!

    Great work!

    This is my favorite piece by you so far.

    I am going to print this out (if you don’t mind) frame it, and hang it in front of my desk so when I become weak and doubtful I can read it again and regain my courage and strength.

    Thanks for this poem! >.<

    • Oh my gosh, are you kidding me? If I don’t mind…hell, you have me crying.

      If my words can help you with courage and strength just know that the thought of that helps me with mine.

      I wrote Are You Sure when my soon-to-be ex-husband (who is awaiting a murder trial) sent divorce papers to my attorney unsigned, refusing to proceed with an uncontested divorce.

      I woke up strong that morning, ready for battle!

      Thank you for reading and commenting. Means a lot to me!

      • Np your poems are just awesome!

        Since I have been blogging here on WordPress I have met a few other amazing people who are truly talented just like you and I want to frame there poems and keep them forever!

        I am glad you took the time to read a few of my amateur poems as well!

        It mean’s everything to me too, when someone can connect so strongly to them!

        I know the feeling as well thanks to you and a few others!

        I gotta go run and do some errans but I will chat with you later if that’s okay with you.

        Also anytime you need someone to listen to you or someone you can vent to, you can email me at

        (But give me a little bit to respond if you do) sometimes I am working or out doing other thing’s.
        And I don’t see it until that night or sometimes the next day.

        If that happens I apologize in Advance, I have gotten with checking them several time’s a day though.

        But sometimes way too many crazy thing’s happen and I can’t check them for whatever reason.

        so glad we found each others blogs!

  4. Its sad when we have to fight to make sure that we are to be loved and not hurt. Our innate nature is to love and be loved.
    But I have a 16 year old in there whose favorite words are f.u.

    • LOL…it is sad but sadder still when we don’t see that there is a battle and therefore lose by default. I wrote this the morning after I found out my divorce was being contested. He later gave in because he didn’t want to battle me… 🙂 I definitely agree with you about our innate nature wanting to love and be loved. I often think I got a triple dose of that desire. I also think that when that desire has been disregarded and trampled upon with an utter lack of humanity, that a call to battle is another innate part of our nature. I love your 16-year-old. He is necessary, unfortunately! 🙂

  5. Love this Daphne! It’s so strong, it fits you and Shane very well. Thank you for reblogging this for him. I will make sure he will know.
    Lots of love to you, my warrior friend! ❤

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