Every time I see you,
you break me a little more…
break the condemning voices in my head
break the cemented feelings of inadequacy that weigh me down
break the deadly skeletal grip around my beating heart.
Every time I see you,
I try to break the code,
crack the combination to your own beating heart.
I want to break through your prison of pessimism
so I can sashay into your heart,
stake my claim and
steal it away…
I want to gather the rhythms of the lost
that lull you into weariness
and break them into something new
so that they bring victory of what is
in place of defeat for what was not.
I want to break your sadness into
sweetened bite-sized pieces
so they are easier to swallow.
I want to break you like I’ve been broken
because I found something beautiful.
I long to give you a beautiful break-up, too.


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