You send me to bed with the bud of a poem
to cradle my fragile expectations.
Rhythm and verses chase my sleep into a mud hole
before the rising force of the sun is perfect.
The words bloom in my fertile mind and wrest my eyes open.
My pen scratches the paper in the dark, forgetting straight blue lines.
I trip, run, trip down the stairs to shuttle it from sheet to screen
the sensations
the swell
the stimulus
your gift to me
The delicate blossom of final words my gift to you…
You are my muse.


6 responses to “MUSE

  1. wow! This is incredible!

    You truly are a gifted writer & Poet.

    So glad I found you and your blog.

    If I ever get writer’s block or become uninspired, all I will have to do is re-read this and I shall take flight into the heavens with pen and pad and compose the most wonderful poem I have written yet!

      • simple?

        You are a genius with words! Nothing simple about that!

        You write what you feel and express through art and poetry what most cannot, nothing simple about that either!

        You are a unique and inspiring, wonderful person! Don’t ever forget that!

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