The Outsiders

Come inside
See how I breathe
Steady and deliberate
Deep and unencumbered
You only breathe when someone is watching
See how I move
Sure and purposeful
With intent and prudence
You only move when someone directs you where to go
See how I think
Autonomous and deliberate
Free and unencumbered by anyone
You only think when someone feeds you the thoughts
You are a mirage of a vibrant garden of multi-colored daisies
But I see the soil that lies beneath the illusion
It is arid, scorched and untended
Maggots crawl near the surface
But manage to stay hidden from sight
It’s okay
The outsiders don’t see them
They are blinded by the luster of your well-kept illusion
They are partial to being blind and so are you
You look at me with eyes turned inside out
Because you don’t see what you’re looking for otherwise
Come inside
Look around
It’s not like any place you’ve ever been
But then again that’s why you stay outside
Because it’s not like any place you’ve ever been.


2 responses to “The Outsiders

    • Oh, wow! How kind of you. I am so new here I don’t know what the Liebster blogger award is! 🙂 Thank you so much. I will accept and take it as a compliment. And I love your page, too!

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