Punish Me

Are you done yet?
Pinched my mind right out of my head
through my ears
out of my mouth
through my eyes,
mostly my eyes…
fast-pitched it against the wall
and watched with chilling glee
as bits of matter
made gritty tracks down the white wall
that was my innocence.

Are you done yet?
Snatched my control
as you tossed my body
like a weightless doll of wasted rags
free-falling sideways…
where’s the gravity?
My body meets my mind against the white wall
splintered shell
splattered psyche
you should have picked another wall
reunited, body and mind collapse into each other

Confetti-filled clouds
bathe my wall in
brights and bolds
pastels and muted colors
some framed in black
yes, black.
The many shades of me baptize
my white wall.
New creation am I…
that’s what He does.

So punish me
if you want to
if you think you can
if you just can’t help yourself.
I am new
And you are still you.


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