DIRTY BUTTER : An excerpt

dirty butter full cover
The following is an excerpt from my novella, Dirty Butter. Hope you enjoy!

“He says he’s in love with you.” Julie’s eyes fell… along with her plummeting chutzpah and her tone of voice.
“Oh, that’ll pass.” Christina waved her hand in the air flinging a morsel of cinnamon topping onto the empty third chair at their table. “Don’t take it personally. They tend to get caught up in the excitement of it all—the rush. He didn’t mean it.”
“But how could you do something like this to another woman?” Julie battled, with all the strength she could summon, the onslaught of tears that were ready to give away how weak and out of control she really felt.
“Julie, right?”
“Julie… that’s your name, right?”
“Oh. Yes… yes, it is.”
“Well, Julie, you ask how I can do this to another woman. That’s a good question. So, I’m going to give you a well thought-out answer.” Christina sat back in her seat, crossing her long legs, taking her time to continue. “You are not my responsibility. I don’t know you. But now that I do, I rather like you. But, see the really unfortunate thing is… I don’t owe you anything; Timothy does.”
“If you have such a wonderful husband why do you do these things behind his back?”
“What ever gave you the idea I’m doing something behind his back?” Christina flashed the room with a guileful smile.
“You mean, he knows?”
“No, he doesn’t know. Don’t be silly, I was just toying with you. In answer to your question, I do it to help poor, ill-fated women like you find the truth.” Christina laughed a deep-throated laugh at her own answer. “No, no, I’m kidding you again. I do it for the sex. Stolen bread is sweet, sweeter still with a little butter on top. That’s what your husband was to me—stolen bread. Dirty, isn’t it?”

Dirty Butter is now available for purchase by Kindle users at Amazon.com.


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