Blue Jean Girl

Blue Jean Girl
Hot Denim
Moist and wet
Catch his eye
Like a Goliath beetle in a net
Vows made to another
He soon forgets
Her icy grip around his heart
Leads only to perfect death
Before him his choices are set
And he goes the way of the flesh
Convenience is a dangerous bet

Blue Jean Girl
Slick Denim
On all fours
At his back is the door
But her itching eyes
Quake him to his core
It’s easy to die in convenience
And he clenches her with no thought
Her arid breath
Slices, dices, and cuts through
His medal of honor

Blue Jean Girl
Smooth Denim
Back and forth
If in her grip he expels his last breath
It would be his one chance to get away
Her words of convenience make it easy
So easy to stay
Day turns to night turns to day
It gets so he doesn’t remember any other way

Blue Jean Girl
Intense Denim
Moist and wet
Helps him die a little more
The hungrier he gets
His convenient ruin is her twisted joy
Her only aim to swell his desire
Racked with wicked hilarity
because she knows he can’t deny her.


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